Squeeze my eyes shut
tightly, against
the image in my mind
of you
with her
sliding, sweating
grasping, moaning

It’s too late
I see it
it can’t be

Squeeze my eyes shut
tell myself
I’m different; we’re more
our love
our hearts
pulsing, longing
protecting, promising

Whisper to me, dear
of devotion
till it snakes through
my soul
in a coiling embrace

Tell me, love
over and


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2 responses to “Undone

  • brian miller

    how many times must they tell us to wipe the thought of them with another from our minds…and does it ever really leave us once the image is there?

  • ihatepoetry

    Once I went to visit a former paramour, who was now with another man. All the way home on the five hour drive I had to keep telling myself “She doesn’t belong to you anymore.”

    “I must not think bad thoughts.” – X

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