Monthly Archives: January 2013


The year’s end…years end…
and we have, they were
a dozen some and thousands more

still to fall, to fill
oceans up to the horizon
sinking heart drowning in

a state I must inhabit
carrying this load, through
deserved icy winds
by choice…

buffered only by this
thin cloak, holes picked through by
nervous fingers, doubting
the risks…

this sputtering flame
will be enough to melt
the frostbite forming on
my feet…

shifting ground, uprooted
I stumble, turn my ankle
bloody hands, my will calls:
you must rise…

accept help, a solo journey
is never really solo
birthed forward, through pain
let them gather…

carry your light until you can
unwrap your cloak, threads
falling behind
one fiber remaining–

as lessons…lessons.


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