She Rises

Out later than she
should have been, pale white moon slides
sleepy into bed.

She stirs too early
even in the dark, wet months
this persistent dawn.

I wake up alone…
damn silence, no distractions…
why are you not here?

New chill, this slide toward winter,
I trap my heat, sheets tucked
around my naked form.

Another and yet
another day, a slow leak
Life bleeds out of me.

Sleepy warm skin
before I rise, dress in my armor,
sunken heart wide open and
to fill it with love.

Every morning, the same
new flame of hope
snuffed out
by the cold breeze in your wake.

If you’ll offer no
light to see my path, no
heat to warm my bones, I will
rub these words together
into flames.

Early rise, before
Day erases, rewrites how
said it would be.


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