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An Arrangement

Stone-faced and silently
screaming his name
across miles of

I am so
far away
in his arms, covered
in his sweat, love
and wet kisses


We claw and steal
the empty to fill
our own empty
both fucking

We dress in silence
hollow pleasantries
dissolve, a transaction
now strangers

We move on
before the door locks
behind us

Pieces of Self-
loathing, body rubbed
raw, litter dank
cramped rooms,
across the city

Tear-stained escape
I disappear
into shadows, hidden
from no one.

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Take this day away from me
turn it into
your tomorrow.

I’m tangled so tight
I can’t
cut myself free.

I lost my way.
Somehow, a blessing,
we walked the same dark path
into one another’s
waiting embrace.

Strip me bare
take the fight away
from me
shake it
from my grasp.

Your body a shield
holding me down so
I won’t run away, holding me
together so I don’t break
into pieces.

You should know:
when you found me
in a broken state,
loved me back to whole,
you healed my heart
for someone else.


Write it, in your ink
so those words–mine–
won’t find a home in me.

Let me down again
and again, I realized:
When I stopped depending on him
I stopped feeling angry when
he let me down again.

With the absence
of touch, you start to feel,
after too long,
that your skin will
crack, blown thin
by cold loneliness.

If only,
if only I had asked.

To look back
and say, yes, there it is,
where I turned
to the dead-end road.

Words grabbed me
by my throat, tighter
eyes welled and
I gasped
the clarity of oxygen
when words release.

A Force Of

Cyclonic force, she
demands obedience, I
lean into her gale.

Wind-soaked and rain-blown
she makes up for fiery draught
with equal power.

Jeweled trees, aroused
by her breath, shake their limbs, half
naked before noon.

Some didn’t submit
and she broke them
snapped them like brittle twigs, lying
in the mud–
a lesson for the rest.

I’m hiding
from outpourings of rage, bloody
leaves cling to streaked windows
spying my refuge.