Monthly Archives: August 2012


Whiskey numb tonight,
walk beside me, my friend, and
carry the moonlight.

I needed you,
that rough passion,
to bring about in me
the resolve
that I must leave.

I pause
is this?
A slight unease.
Longing? Desire?
It’s more
it’s more
a grab at my core.
Jealousy? No. Oh,
it’s guilt,
guilt where none should be.
I breathe.
It all has changed

Blood stopped in my veins,
he said, “don’t┬áspeak,
my love, the ‘what if’
of life without you”.

I can’t look at him,
not yet, surprising
to my chest.

I loved
everything about him but
sometimes everything
isn’t enough.

It would be easier
if he wasn’t
so good, so kind.
This will hurt
more than anything has