Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Other Day

I saw her
the other day, down the block
crossing between cars
her coat clutched, safe
from the pelting rain
…and her tired form reflected
in the shop windows
weight of a sky
full of clouds, weight
of indecision

I saw her
the other day, sitting at the cafe
tea gone cold in her mug, stirring
round and round her
incessant thinking, outside
the slow motion wreck
of her marriage
…and searching between towering
stacks of books, searching
for the one story
to free her

I saw her
the other day, moving room to room
not gone, but not there, she’s both
but not balanced, she told me
she understands now what they meant–
growing apart, maintaining
momentum, a shiny veneer
of happiness

I saw her
the other day, in my bathroom mirror
worn and weary, questions
in the furrow of her brow–

when leaving feels like
the easier choice


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