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Cleaning house, in a flurry
of motivation, daydreaming,
suddenly you, or
your memory, I startle,
stop, mid-stride
clutching the plate from dinner
bow my head, catch
my breath, a pang,
as they say, a choked
sob, all over
again, I’m angry
at our separation, at you,
at nothing
and everything

here, you should be
here, with me,
doing the dishes and kissing
my neck, you should
be here, next to me
reading on the couch
here, beside me
in our bed, our smells
mingling and I know
everything is alright

unbearable this
waiting, serrated edges of
trust broken, come home
so we can fix us
a plate shatters, jagged
shards fly, I wonder at
my empty hand,
underfoot, the pieces grind
into the floor we made
love on, when the house,
when we
were new, I stomp
out the door, leave
our broken pieces for you
to mend.

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My Darling, Still

That which I didn’t know was
possible until
you found me…
too late

I was your secret treasure
in the glow of our love
No, I was your kept secret
in shadow and shame

All I did was
love you
with my purest heart

I can’t even escape
into dreams–
it’s the only place
we were together

Nearly in tears
this picture we’d painted
of Us

Say those words to me, my love
again and again
our razor blade tears
become forgiveness
comforting as rain
washing both of us clean