Monthly Archives: November 2011


Night again
mind tumbles
off the sharp points of stars

I wander
looking for you
all those places in me
you used to live

Now, finally
you are here
but our love…
long gone

I breathe
and breathe the stillness
until my energy flows
a smooth circuit

but the hum
the Universe speaking in me


Momentary Sparks

You were but a temporary replacement
filler, distraction

An oasis

To keep my heart busy,
keep it from clamping shut
nerve-shocking finality of thick
steel doors

Not my One
but no less important

In the absence of…everything,
regret, fake sincerity,
breathed hollow platitudes
to dampen the echoes

Bare, honest–
only for the sake of momentum,
daily function

Warned of poison and
openly false
you still came near
pace unwavering.
Were you as in need as I?

Set new intentions,
shifted gears; shifted hips

We rubbed our raw selves
trying to make light, heat
to sustain us

Momentary sparks
to get by,
one more day.

In the Alley

spoon and lighter in hand
he looked at me
eyes pleading
“I hate myself”

I held his gaze, dropped it
turned my face
to the lazily-falling snow, hushed
world unreal
muted flakes
inside a snow globe
the city’s grime
making the snow impure

I listened
tightened belt
he held his breath
exhaled a long sigh
of relief
of loathing

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