(Potential) Escape

All these fears I’ve left unsaid,
rise up with the moon
light obscured by gauzy sheets
of autumn clouds.

Shadows become the shapes
of your past, come to
bully us apart,
even turn me away,
leave you in a dark clearing
throwing betrayed cries at my back.

Logic says: The dawn always comes.
But darkness is determined
and clever
and while the moon hides
her radiance with wisps of ether,
night and its demons tie me
and make me watch
while you dishonor
everything we are.

I run, panting and panicked,
hoping tonight I’ll be agile and strong.
I jump, fly, skid
into the (potential) escape of dreams.

I hope you are waiting for me there,
surrounded by our promises.

Nights like this,
no moon to guide me,
all I have is the sound of your voice
calling me back to Us.


#OpenLinkNight #14 http://dversepoets.com/


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