Slow Burning

There is a darkness falling
consuming you
from the inside

Silent tears
sear our cheeks
set memories ablaze
releasing them as stars

I still see your face
the way it breaks
a smile
sly and wicked
at our shared jokes

I still hear your quiet chuckle
your unabashed burst
of laughter
safe, just for me

Your sweeping embrace
swallowing kisses
hissing lascivious whispers
steaming my neck

We pour all of our sadness
through this kiss
to change it to peace

You’re being called

I am out of words

They have all
burned into tears

#OpenLinkNight #9


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7 responses to “Slow Burning

  • johnallenrichter

    Incredibly passionate, loving, and sad. I like this poem…… I’m still trying to catch up with dVerse’s link night…. I went to your link on blogger and must say, I didn’t really relate with that poem as well as this one…. I read a few stanzas and saw references to things probably better conditioned for other women, showing curves or whatever…. I’m just a guy, I can’t relate to that stuff. But this one! This one is about love, unsaid – true, but a deep, dark, sadness filled love that is so intense it fills every pore of your being and every thought of your day. Yes, I can relate to this, I’ve been there a dozen times probably. My own poetry is probably 90 percent based on relationships because love, in all it’s forms, is the most beautiful thing in this world to me. And kinship with others is the single most precious thing in life. I like your poem….

  • bajanpoet

    I have a couple friends who have lost parents – one, her mother, the other, her father. So I can feel this piece.

    It’s a sad piece, but powerful….

  • tashtoo

    A sad piece because the longing to be open is palpable! Tears will always burn until you can shout of this love to the world. The heart is a fragile beast, weakened way too easily…yet we insist on subjecting it to these feelings. Sometimes…just so we feel alive. I like your poem too…but the pain is much!

  • brian

    oh def feel the angst in this one…a love having to go away and those last moments together…wether death or just being sent away…my first thought was military but also death…sad piece…

  • johnallenrichter

    I’m glad you chose this for dVerse this week because I enjoyed reading it again….. Losing someone you love immensely is the hardest thing in the world…. again… wonderfully emotional poem,,,,

  • Sarah Johnston

    so sad an ending they all have burned into tears. so well written thank you so much for sharing

  • Anna :0]

    Sad and beautiful – our lost loves now live within us memories.

    Anna :o]

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