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The End

I turned to you
when he turned away
in your willing adoration

You didn’t want me
to be happy
It was in my misery that
I needed you

Not yet
I still can’t face you
small kick to
the center of my chest
surprising pain

Photos of smiling faces
notes of adoration and promise
gifts for no reason–just love
of everything, all I have left is

I confess
I can’t read those words
knowing you mean them
for her


dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight #19


Do What You Must

I couldn’t stop you
jumped into the pool
of my deep green eyes
and drowned.

I moved you
like no one had
too intense, you insisted
what could have been

I’m sorry
the sight of me
your wavering balance
that even our civility
is too much to bear.

Hollow sighs
where once was our laughter.

I fell into
a sleep so deep
even dreams
couldn’t catch me.

All I wanted
I held in my hands–
your heart.

Everything I’m left with
with your scent.

I closed the lid to
your heart-shaped box
our journey
forever sacred.

Slow Burning

There is a darkness falling
consuming you
from the inside

Silent tears
sear our cheeks
set memories ablaze
releasing them as stars

I still see your face
the way it breaks
a smile
sly and wicked
at our shared jokes

I still hear your quiet chuckle
your unabashed burst
of laughter
safe, just for me

Your sweeping embrace
swallowing kisses
hissing lascivious whispers
steaming my neck

We pour all of our sadness
through this kiss
to change it to peace

You’re being called

I am out of words

They have all
burned into tears

#OpenLinkNight #9