Dear Simple-Minded Fucks
Am I talking to you?

I create
so real in you
you feel them in your gut
taste the bitterness
hear the scratching

I push
uncomfortable buttons
you, you
what you think you know

I write
beneath the surface
between the lines
in riddles
with purposeful vagueness
double entendres
pure honest truth
half lies
creative expression

Do you relate
with guilt?

Maybe I’m baring my soul
and it looks
just like yours

Maybe I’m slithering
into your mind
just to see you squirm…


About bittersweetverse

Writer, poet, lover. http://madamesweetcheeks.blogspot.com/ View all posts by bittersweetverse

2 responses to “Rant

  • cat

    What an opening line! the “you, you” and “your mind, yours” act almost like magnets to my mind and I am drawn in closer (uncomfortably closer?..) this has a great build and flow, with wit and boldness and a mindful challenge to the reader.

  • The Gooseberry Garden

    brilliant explorations..

    Glad to discover your poetry talent, invite you to join our poetry picnic today, free and fun, free style commenting.
    First time participants are encouraged to share 1 to 3 random poems, or old poems!
    We’re Open until Thursday, 8pm, American Central!
    Hope to see you in!
    Thanks in advance,

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