channel it into the heavy
sleepless night air
scratch it
scream it into
your sweaty flesh
unleash my rage
on you
all that is wrong
bubbling from below

take it
every insult
wailing regret
take it
beg for more
mouth open, receiving
my every sin
crimson welts
on your back

#OpenLinkNight #4


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10 responses to “Striking

  • Gene

    I wonder if this is a case of ‘we hurt the ones we love’, or ‘you had it coming, asshole’…either way, I can feel the rage from here.

  • siubhan

    ouch. striking indeed. love your layout for the page too.

  • wolfsrosebud

    Anger and pain run deep…expressed well.

  • brian

    intense…i dont know how long i could take it, bearing another sin, i have enough of my own…this smacks of abuse which saddens me all the more…

  • tashtoo

    My first take on this was you were lashing yourself…for sins committed. Selfhate and loathing came to mind first, then after re-reading, I found a voice of another, and wonder…who is receiving the abuse?

  • Heaven

    This means to me you are striking someone else.

    Vivid strong words…

  • rasmithii

    I must be way off on this. I hear no fury in the voice other than what is accepted and in this case – willing. The image of sex is just an act, as if you had a bad day and you yell at your love, because you have no one to vent on/to. Or no different than running to release energy and the ground below will just ‘take it.’ What I see in the other comments seems to be their commentary on angry sex. It’s a good sex every now and then, gang, try it. This is an edgy wonderful piece…that could have been written about my examples above or how EM chose to let this speak – which was through sex. Perhaps you should have put a ‘thank you’ from the taker at the end – that way more would have got it.

  • C Rose

    Stirring right, evokes quite a powerful emotion. Well done ~Rose

  • poeticphraze

    Too many adults are too uptight, and unable to live for fear of being ostracized. I say bravo! Let loose your sexuality. Revel in the exquisite consumption of depravity. We are all adults here. There is a time to love and there is a time to fuck. This is beyond fucking. Your words are what I term “hate fucking” or to the less bold, “angry sex.” You could lash me a thousand times with your tongue. I’d cry and beg for more, or maybe spank me across the ass with a flogger, belt, or whip. I am grown. I am a man. I can take it. Feed me sin. Liberate me with your truth. Be they words of anger, or lust, or hate, or even love…all are of need. Let your emotions bubble up from deep inside your soul’s well. The hidden desire where few are man or woman enough to tread; you have kicked open the door. Don’t just scratch the surface. Continue forth and let me enjoy your chronicles. I guess it’s the voyeur in me. I could be wrong. Maybe this is just your exorcising demons. Maybe it’s just poetry. Whatever it is, I say bravo and thank you. 

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