I Know This

stereo already pawned
we listen to Alice in Chains
sing for us from a tiny
pink boombox in the back seat

another run, north
past the city, snow falling
“we have to remember gas”
ten minutes later, time
like a spliced 8mm
hallway — seatbelt — freeway

“when did it start snowing?”
eyes wide
six inches, a foot
more, no cars
stalled, deep in snow
forgotten gas

leaping across erased lanes
like a strung-out deer
skirt flouncing on my thighs
snow clumping
to my 20-hole Docs
he saunters
long cool strides

over the rail; down the slope; through
the illuminated night
his shy smile
freezes me, mid-stride

his pink lips curl around
silent sounds
“I love you”
and I know it when
I know nothing else


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Writer, poet, lover. http://madamesweetcheeks.blogspot.com/ View all posts by bittersweetverse

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